Standing tall in turbulent times.

9781491855782_COVER.inddCurtis Moultrie of Sugarfield, Texas is a conflicted, insightful journalism student. He loves his family, his girlfriend and his classic 1973 candy-apple red Mustang convertible.

On the other hand, he sees that the world around him is in chaos. People are at odds with each other over the issues of immigration, abortion and states’ rights. Then comes the dawn.

Curtis enlists the help of his idealistic college friends and returns home to discover that temperatures are rising – and the plot has thickened – due to an especially sinister brand of terrorism. No one believes their story, and war at the border is imminent as Curtis & Company continue their last-minute investigation into the chain of events that have led to this catastrophic showdown.

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“May young people with fiery passions to change the world
never succumb to indifference.”
Kenneth Konecnik