9781491855782_COVER.inddYoung Curtis Moultrie of Sugarfield, Texas lives his life from the inside out. He loves his family, his girlfriend and his 1973 candy-apple red Mustang convertible. He’s not so sure about the cultural traditions and values he has grown up with. Curtis is an independent thinker, who likes to hear both sides of all stories and draw his own conclusions.

His inner voice tells him he can make a difference in the world, so he enrolls in the School of Journalism at a prestigious university in the north where he meets a group of like-minded students who welcome him into their journalism club with open arms, especially the young woman group leader who begins to take the place of the girl he left behind.

The big story he dreamed of writing some day materializes a lot quicker than he ever imagined, when hostilities break out back home after Texas enacts harsher new abortion and immigration laws following their long-sought-after separation from the United States.

Curtis finds himself conflicted as he returns home and tries to support his family while attempting to defuse the confrontations at the Mexican border with the help of his college friends. They are not welcomed with open arms, and war is imminent as journalist-to-be Curtis begins a last-minute investigation into the chain of events that led to this catastrophic showdown. Borderline Hero is available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book at amazon.com; and barnesandnoble.com; Kobo Books and Google eBookstore for iPad applications.

Ken can be reached at: ken@borderlinehero.com

“May young people with fiery passions to change the world
never succumb to indifference.”
Kenneth Konecnik